Aggies Prepare for Hurricane Rita

This has got to be an all-time classic. Leave it to the Aggies to pull something like this.

NCAAF Week 3 Review

This is something that I plan on doing every week. I will try and review the big games of the weekend and hopefully get some opinions out of you as well. So lets start off with what I thought was one of the best games of the day.

#1 USC at #24 Oregon
I was curious to see what USC would do against some real competition. I mean, USC isn’t all that good. If you take away their Heisman winning QB, their all-athlete RB, their 6’5″ wide receivers, their ridiculous defense, then they are nothing but a middle tier team in the Pac-10. USC did give their fans a scare however, when they were actually down 3 points at the half. But apparently during half-time they got the memo that they were the #1 team in the nation and out-scored Oregon 35-0 in the second half. Man, I can’t wait for Texas to beat them in the Rose Bowl.

#11 Purdue at Minnesota
This game had everything you want in a college football game; hard nose rushing (Maroney had 217 yards on 46 carries), hard hitting defense, a 4th & 1 play-action touchdown by Purdue, and to top it off, double over-time. Minnesota hasn’t beaten Purdue in forever, and looked like they were going to fold until Cupito hit on a touchdown on fourth down in the first over-time. Then Minnesota scored first in the second over-time and Purdue couldn’t answer. Minnesota definitely looks legit, but have a ridiculous schedule coming up, playing at Penn St, at Michigan, Wisconsin at home, Ohio St at home, Michigan St at home and then finish off at Iowa. I am going out on a limb and saying they won’t finish undefeated.

#9 Louisville at South Florida
Talk about laying an egg. Louisville comes into this game as 20 point favorites and end up losing by 31. Coming into this game, everyone thought Louisville was going to run the table and possibly compete for a national championship, but apparently someone forgot to tell South Florida this. Somehow South Florida held the high powered Louisville to only 14 points and managed to score 45 of their own. I wonder what that coach who ranked Louisville #1 preseason has to say now?

#14 Michigan at Wisconsin
Wisconsin hadn’t beaten the Wolverines since 1994. What I don’t get is how everyone is touting Michigan so much, when they are now 2-4 in their last 6 games and have no offense without running back Hart. But back to the game. What a gutsy call by coach Barry Alvarez. You never beat Michigan, but yet you decide to run a QB draw on third down with only 24 seconds left. Even the QB was surprised by the call.